Jameel Clinic at MIT

Building on MIT’s pioneering history in artificial intelligence and life sciences, the Abdul Latif Jameel Clinic for Machine Learning in Health develops artificial intelligence technologies that are changing the landscape of healthcare, including early diagnostics, drug discovery, care personalisation and management.

Jameel Clinic develops novel algorithms for modelling biological and clinical data and is making discoveries in machine learning, biology, chemistry and clinical sciences.

In 2020, Jameel Clinic announced the discovery by machine learning of Halicin, a new antibacterial compound that kills many of the world’s deadliest bacteria, including some strains resistant to all known antibiotics

Image: courtesy of the Collins Lab at MIT

Supporting research and education in artificial intelligence and healthcare through collaborations with hospitals and industry partners


Pioneering data-driven approaches to understanding biology and clinical data


Screening cancer through deep learning, Mirai is a landmark advance in accuracy and health equity


Other initiatives

Jameel Institute at Imperial College London

Jameel Institute at Imperial College London

The Abdul Latif Jameel Institute for Disease and Emergency Analytics at Imperial College London has the overarching mission to improve the lives of the world’s populations most vulnerable to infectious disease.

Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital

Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital

The Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital in Jeddah is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia and specialises in medical rehabilitation.

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